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What does Sia look like?

She says that she prefers not to be so easily recognisable in public for her to be able to “go to Target and buy a hose”. She basically wants a normal life.  

How did “Pokémon Go” go viral?

Chinese that beleive in the theory of conspiracy are afraid that Pokemon Go can help enemies locate military bases. You can put pokemons in different places and then see the locations where users are not allowed to go for capturing them, because of access restrictions. They fear, because Americans have Google (Maps) and Japanese have Japonia

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Will Ianis Hagi be at least as good footballer as his father, the great Gheorghe Hagi?

Ianis Hagi has just been transferred from Viitorul Constanta (Romania) to Fiorentina (Italy) – he’s an attacking midfielder / Striker – Right Wing and he has all the chances to become great, as he’s very young. He became in the end capatain at FC Viitorul, his team in Romania. He learned the “art of football” from his father at Gheorghe Hagi

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What is Gary Barlow’s vocal range?

Gary Barlow has a vocal range between E♭2-D6 and he’s a Baritenor (both tenor and a baritone), according to Forummotions There’s also a video here claiming that Gary reaches easily a D6: (in “Love Aint Here Anymore” Live) I knew he had a great voice, but WOW, that impressive!!! Not many known musicians can hit higher notes than Gary Barlow from the comparison

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What is Robbie Williams’s vocal range?

Robbie Williams does not appear on this list here: I wonder what his range is. I also did not find on the web. Anyone knows? Robbie Williams has a very pleasant voice, uniquely appealing and I think he’s a tenor. He hit a G#4 in his worldwide hit Angels. This video here shows the vocal range of Robbie:

What is Ed Sheeran vocal range?

I found Ed Sheeran’s vocal here: and I compared it to other artists, from the available data on Ed Sheeran has a Studio Vocal Range between F2 – F5 Live Vocal Range: G#2 – A4/B4 – A5 Compared to Justin Bieber, Sheeran has quite a wide voice range, but that does not mean much, of course . Bieber is just

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What is Adele’s vocal range? compared the vocal ranges of many famous artists. It shows the highest and lowest notes that were recorded in the studio for each artist: As you can see, Adele’s vocal range is not wide at all (C3-B5) it is not impressive at all compared to artists like Axl Rose, Mariah Carey, Prince or Christina Aguilera, but what makes Adele’s voice

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