Peppa Pig
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Peppa Pig
Cartoon character


: United Kingdom


  • British animated TV series directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies
  • Animation character


How tall is Peppa Pig? 215 cm / 7 ft 1 in
Where was Peppa Pig born? United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Hair color: No hair :)
Eyes color: Black

 Who is Peppa Pig? / Facts   

  • Peppa is a 4-year old pig who likes to play with her mom (Mumy Pig) and dad (Daddy Pig), with her little brother, George and also with Suzy Sheep.
  • Other characters - the pet fish Goldie, teddy bear Teddy, cousin Chloe Pig, her little brother Baby Alexander, their mother, Auntie Pig, and their father Uncle Pig
  • The show aired on 6 May 2004, and is distributed by E1 Kids
  • It went on a hiatus for over two years
  • After that it re-premiered on 14 February 2015
  • Peppa Pig's height - The Internet went crazy at the end of July 2019 regading Peppa Pig's height, being suggested that it would be over seven feet tall (we think it depends on the screen size, but 7 foot 1 inch seems to be the most common value
  • Voice actors - Lily Snowden-Fine, Cecily Bloom, Harley Bird 
  • Stats - 9.1 million subscribers on Youtube and 164k followers on Instagram as of July 2019

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