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Gente De Zona

Founding date

: 2000

Founding place

: Havana, Cuba


: 17 years ago


  • Cuban reggaeton (cubaton) music band founded in 2000 (a duo)
How old is Gente De Zona in 2017? 17 years
Where was Gente De Zona founded?Havana, Cuba

 Who is Gente De Zona? / Facts   

  • Sometimes the band's name is stylized as "Gente D' Zona"
  • In 2014 they had a huge success with "Bailando" - a collaboration with Enrique Iglesias. The songwas won 3 Latin Grammy awards and has over 1.6 bln views on Youtube (as of October 2016 - the song is in top 10 Youtube videos of all time)

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Gente De Zona is present in WikiFame Top Youtube videos with 1 video: Bailando (7th place)