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Emily Murphy
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Emily Murphy


: 14 March 1868


: Innisfil, Canada


: Pisces


: 17 October 1933


: 65 years


  • Canadian women's rights activist, jurist, and author
When was Emily Murphy born?14 March 1868
When did Emily Murphy die? / Died17 October 1933
How many years did Emily Murphy live? / Lived65 years
Where was Emily Murphy born?Innisfil, Canada
Zodiac sign:Pisces

 Who was Emily Murphy? / Facts   

  • In 1916, she became the first female magistrate in Canada, and in the British Empire
  • She is best known for her contributions to Canadian feminism, specifically to the question of whether women were "persons" under Canadian law
  • Murphy is known as one of the "The Famous Five" (also called "The Valiant Five")—a group of Canadian women's rights activists that also included Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby
  • In 1927, the women launched the "Persons Case," contending that women could be "qualified persons" eligible to sit in the Senate
  • The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that they were not
  • However, upon appeal to the Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council, the court of last resort for Canada at that time, the women won their case
  • However, there has been some criticism of her later work, mainly for her role in the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta

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