David Villa
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David Villa


: 03 December 1981


: Tuilla, Langreo, Spain


: 37 years old


: Sagittarius


  • Spanish soccer player
Real name: David Villa Sánchez


How tall is David Villa? 175 cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight 69 kg / 152 lbs
When was David Villa born? 03 December 1981
How old is David Villa in 2019? 37 years
Where was David Villa born? Tuilla, Langreo, Spain
Nicknames: El Guaje (The Kid)
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Net worth 2019 (estimated)

How much does David Villa worth? $50,000,000

Nationality: Spanish
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eyes color: Light Brown

 Who is David Villa? / Facts   

  • Size doesn't matter - Called El Guaje, The Kid, as in his childhood he constantly played football with much older boys.
  • Pricey - He caused FC Barcelona to get €40m out of its pocket to get him from Valencia.
  • First - He was the first Spanish player to reach the 50 mark in goals for the World Cup matches.
  • Early obstacles - Had a femur injury when he was 4 and was in danger of not being able to play again. His father helped a lot with his recovery, tossing the ball to his other leg. A strategy that paid off in turning him ambidextrous.
  • Fighter - He recalls almost giving up football at 14 as his coach kept him constantly on the bench. He loved the game so much that he wanted to quit the professional direction and just go play with his friends. His father however told him to believe in himself and to be patient.
  • Patient man - Married his girlfriend from childhood in 2003, Patricia Gonzalez, who was also a football player in her teens.
  • Big hearted - Very involved in charity events, especially UNICEF, having 3 kids of his own, Zaida, Olaya and Luca.
  • Voice of gold to compliment the boots - Sang with Ana Torroja, the Insurrection by El Ultimo de la Fila. This was also a charity event for buidling an art and education school in Mali.
  • Big heart - In a big chest that needs to support 2 decorations - Prince of Asturias Awards and Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit.
  • Humble beginnings - Came from a mining family. Has 2 other sisters.


  • "Messi does incredible things, his stats make you cover your eyes. He cannot be compared to anyone."
  • "When I was finally allowed out of bed, I still had to be in the cast for four more months, but one of the first things I did was hop out to the yard in front of our house with my father. It was there that we started my football dream together. After a long day in the mine, he would stand there for hours rolling me the ball so I could pass it back to him.”
  • “When I was finally signed by Sporting Gijón’s youth team at 16, I was still in school studying to be an electrician.”
  • “My family was really excited for a new life, but my Spanish friends kept asking me, ‘David, what are you going to eat in America? The food is not like Spain.’”
  • "We found a tiny pizzeria... that was the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. It was a small moment, but that night I really felt like I was living my American Dream.”

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