Evolution of Gary Barlow in 60 seconds or less! (VIDEO)

– An incredibly creative Capricorn, born on January 20th, 1971 in Frodsham, UK
– His huge attraction to music made him learn playing piano all by himself, at the age of 10
– At 15, he started writing songs and performed in UK clubs
– 4 years later, at 19, he became lead singer and songwriter in the music band Take That
– Their success was astonishing: Gary wrote hit after hit after hit
– But things changed for Gary in 1996, after Take That split
– Everyone was expecting him to become the next George Michael, well… that did not happen
– Instead, Robbie Williams, got all the glory for himself
– After many years of great depression, take That reformed in 2005, without Robbie, and they had impressive sold-out shows together
– But he is a very successful artist as well
– Gary looks now, at 47, much hotter than he did in his 20’s and 30’s. How is that even possible?
He inspired fans to join him in his virtual ‘Barlow Bootcamp’ on social media

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