Danielle Bregoli Instagram and Twitter Accounts Were Hacked

Danielle Bregoli‘s Instagram and Twitter social accounts were hacked on February 7th by a group called Face Security Group

  • After the hack, her profile photo and name were changed.
  • Three videos were posted. One of them said something like this, with a very stange and thick modified voice:

    This is the modern day celebrity. This country glorifies and makes famous a young girl for being disrespectful to her mother. She is no role model. She is no idol. She is no God, while the other said: Too long we have stood by idly and observed. It is time we take matters into our own hands. The time for change is now. The leaks begin Wednesday.

  • The third video was a countdown. You can see the videos here
  • For the ones that don’t know yet, Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram page is called bhadbhabie and her Twitter page is thebhadbhabie

But who knows, maybe this is just a way of becoming even more notorious 🙂

Photo source: Instagram

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