Is Danielle Bregoli Dead? Or Live And Kickin’?

It’s incredible how news fly these days, in a genuine post-truth age, as Donald Trump likes to call it so often 🙂 And, related to Danielle Bregoli, many people said on social media that she took her own life due to being bullied after the quick rise to fame.

She became known to the public after her appearance on Dr. Phil show, with her now famous expression “Cash me outside, howbow dah” . Bregolli used her Instagram account to deny the rumors: “I’m alive mother****ers!”. And this video uploaded on her Insragram account really proves that 🙂

Friday Night Ready 💁🏻👯🖤

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Anyway, death hoaxes are popular on social media and of course that Danielle Bregoli couldn’t miss that, as a newborn celeb that is on every teen’s lips these days. So the answer to the title question is: Defenitely not, Danielle Bregoli is not dead at all, she is live and kickin’ huge time.

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Photo source: Instagram

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