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Wiki, Age, Height and Net Worth

UnspeakableGaming Wiki, Age, Height and Net Worth

Net worth

: $550,000 Comment


: 182 cm / 6 ft 0 in tall


: 05 December 1997




: 23 years old Comment


: Sagittarius

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UnspeakableGaming Wiki

  • UnspeakableGaming is a YouTube channel from the USA, run by Nathan, built mostly around Minecraft related content. Nathan's humour and witty videos, got it to the 1,216th place in terms of subscriber rank.
  • Nathan has another channel, called Unspeakable, focusing on GTA5 and GMOD, but it's still small compared to his main one.
  • Discover more facts on him and his YouTube stats, below.
Real name:Nathan

UnspeakableGaming Height

How tall is UnspeakableGaming?182 cm / 6 ft 0 in
Born:05 December 1997 Comment
How old is UnspeakableGaming in 2021? / Age: 23 years
Where was UnspeakableGaming born?USA
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius

UnspeakableGaming Net worth 2021 (estimated)

How much is UnspeakableGaming worth?$550,000 Comment

Hair color:Reddish Brown
Eyes color:Blue

Who is UnspeakableGaming? / Facts   

  • Rise to fame - Nathan's YouTube channel, created in 2012, gained recognition at the beginning of 2016, and his Minecraft related content became widely spread. He has grown to over 2.2m subscribers and more than 450m views at the beginning of 2017. He now posts at least daily. UnspeakableGaming is part of the Machinima network, promoting his content on YouTube, and it's 1,216th in terms of subscriber rank and 2,222nd in terms of views.
  • Own Minecraft server - Is up and running since the end of 2016 and can be found here
  • Second channel - He also has a second channel, called Unspeakable, focusing on funny moments, especially with content from GTA5 and GMOD. However it's still a baby compared to its older brother, having just 40k subs and around 345k views.
  • Unspeakable car - He's declared more than once that he is addicted to cars. He owns a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S as of February 2017, and he's very proud of it. It can reach 100kmh in just 4 seconds. He posted a photo of it here.
  • Social media presence - Trying to connect to his fans, Nathan is also present on Twitter to his 28k followers and posts from time to time to his 43k fans on Instagram.
  • Merch - His merch can be found here, for now, mostly t-shirts and hats.
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  • Sydney: You are so sweet and nice. I love to watch your videos. They are so cool. Flip (February 28, 2021)  Reply »
  • Bob: You are amazing with all your videos (February 12, 2021)  Reply »
  • Micah: Hi, I love your videos, UNSPEAKABLE-GAMING (February 05, 2021)  Reply »
  • Dounodawae: OMG, I am a big fan. I hope you have a good day (January 16, 2021)  Reply »
  • Jadesept26 ROBLOX AURORA REAL NAME: LOVE YOU, CAN I SEE YOU (December 14, 2020)  Reply »
  • David Olivo: I'm your fan. (December 10, 2020)  Reply »
  • Taiye: I love your vids, but make more roblox ones (December 09, 2020)  Reply »
  • Logan: Hello Unspeakable, I am Logan, I love the vids and some day I would like to meet you and I want to grow up and be like you. By the time you're 35 I will be 20 (December 08, 2020)  Reply »
  • tyrus stockton: I want to know were he lives for fan mail (December 07, 2020)  Reply »
  • Morgan: I love him James and Gabe!! I would love for him to notice me!! I wish I could be in a vid someday!!! (December 02, 2020)  Reply »
  • xmardymal: Hi, I am one of your biggest fans and I just wanted to ask you what kind of maps do you like because I want to make you one. I just don't know what to build. (November 20, 2020)  Reply »
  • Devin S: You are my favorite youtuber on all of youtube, you are funny and awesome! (November 19, 2020)  Reply »
  • brylee: i am a big fan (November 18, 2020)  Reply »
  • Bekfist: Hey Unspeakable, which one would you choose, Siri or Alexa? (November 15, 2020)  Reply »
  • Lily: omg, i'm such a big fan. Can i have a shoutout pls? (November 14, 2020)  Reply »
  • eliwan24: Can i get your email? (November 06, 2020)  Reply »
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  • Dana: i like him (October 27, 2020)  Reply »
  • bob: he is funny (October 20, 2020)  Reply »
  • abigail joseph: hi unspeakable Abigail joey (October 14, 2020)  Reply »
  • kyle: hi, i love your videos man, you ARE SO COOL! (October 12, 2020)  Reply »
  • Aiden: My brother got an unspeakable waterbottle, i am going to get one too (October 09, 2020)  Reply »
  • Lylw: AWESOME because he is funny and someday i want to meet him and play minecraft with him (October 09, 2020)  Reply »
  • Sam: You are the best! (October 04, 2020)  Reply »
  • Unspeakable fan 2.0 and Minnesota fan 2.0: I think he is amazing. And I want to text him so I need his email adress (October 02, 2020)  Reply »
  • Lyle: hey unspeakable, i love your vids and i am 10 and my birthday is december tenth and i want your email address and mine is [email protected], if you wanna chat (September 25, 2020)  Reply »
  • cindy: I think it can be fun for the children, however you're being watched by young children and they can be influenced easily and I would like it if Nathan and his friends would not be trashing things like white boards and anything relating to school. There is so much violence out there nowadays and a lot of it against those in authority and I believe children need to learn to respect authority. Otherwise you do a lot of fun projects and when you do something like using a golf club in your living room suggest that children use a plastic ball. You realize they are going to try all these things at home if possible. I am a grandmother and I do sit and watch this with my grandkids, they do enjoy your channel and laugh a lot but only 7 and 8 and so please be careful and respectful of important things in life, but continue to have lots of fun. (September 18, 2020)  Reply »
  • Atley: why do you like green? (September 16, 2020)  Reply »
  • Riley Bradway: I am Unspeakable biggest fan and my name is Riley John Bradway and he is the best Youtuber in the world. I have always wanted to meet him but when he has his program that you can meet him in real life I have never get to go because we never have much money to see him but it would be the best day of my life if I could hang out with him for a day. Love, your biggest fan Riley John Bradway/Unspeakable # 2 (August 31, 2020)  Reply »
  • Trevor: He is the best ever (August 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • Ella: Hi, I love your vids so much but i can't sub bc i have not sighed in:( but i really love your vids u do:3 (August 19, 2020)  Reply »
  • isittrue?: people say he went to China to meet fans and got covid. True or false? I want to know! (August 18, 2020)  Reply »
    • ARandomPerson: That's not true. He would have vlogged it, lol.
  • Yo: his most worth channel (July 28, 2020)  Reply »
  • B ): He's da best! (July 27, 2020)  Reply »
  • siana: Hi unspeakable, I am a huge fan of you and if I had more money i would buy your merch (July 21, 2020)  Reply »
  • lucas: unspeakable is an amazing youtuber (July 19, 2020)  Reply »
  • Cecily Clark: Hi Nathan, I am a really big fan and I was wondering if we could do a Minecraft video together, I only have pocket edition, but I am a pro at redstone! My gamer tag is "LittleNixThePro". My email is (my name)_(my surname) Hope to see you then! (July 16, 2020)  Reply »
  • unnamed: His address? (June 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • James porter: Dear unspeakable, my name is James, I live in England, I am a huge fan and I wondered if you could fill your house with marshmallows or tiktaks. (June 26, 2020)  Reply »
    • Anonymous user: You're not James Porter... your James Potter! you didn't die! your son is at 4 privet drive in England living under the stairs! go find him!
  • Wild Husky (alpha): UG AND GF SITTING IN A TREE k i s s i n g !!! (May 26, 2017)  Reply »
  • Wild Husky (alpha): I love his vids (May 26, 2017)  Reply »
  • unspeakableGaming: spooooooooooooo (May 12, 2017)  Reply »
  • unspeakableGaming: i do have a gf ok (May 12, 2017)  Reply »
    • ARandomPerson: lol. Anyone from 2020 reading this, didn't end out...
  • Greenybeeny15: I hope that he doesn't have a gf... I'm just saying... (May 02, 2017)  Reply »
    • siana: I love his vids!
    • nic: gf = girlfriend for the ones who dont know :)
  • Giana Louise Go: Do nathan have a gf??? (April 09, 2017)  Reply »


  • Great things in life don't just happen with luck, they are achieved when one applies a true passion to their work. However not only that, but dedication, consistency, patience, and being on point every day. His most viewed clip is 5 craziest minecraft seeds, which has around 9m views so far. His best ones are the ones in which he maes a ranking list.
  • If you are smiling everyday, and doing what you truly love, then by all means you are successful and I'm proud of you!
  • Welcome to UnspeakableGaming, a channel with Unspeakable content!

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