Survival Lilly
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Survival Lilly


: Austria


  • Youtuber - she likes to spend time in nature to practice survival skills
Where was Survival Lilly born? Austria
Nationality: Austrian
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown

 Who is Survival Lilly? / Facts   

  • She tests to see which are the best items you should keep in your camping rucksack
  • She grew up in Austria, in the countryside - she used to play in the woods daily
  • She built shelters for playing hide and seek with other kids from school
  • Her videos are about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft and hunting
  • She even prepared once Austrian celebrity Silvia Schneider for a night in the woods


  • A highschool with special subjects in forestry - she learned to identify trees by their bark, wood, buds, seeds and leaves

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