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Seful Bula
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday


: 01 January 2012


: 5 years old


: Capricorn


  • Bulă is the most well known character in Romania, untrustworthy, but funny as hell
When was Seful Bula born?01 January 2012
How old is Seful Bula in 2017? 5 years
Zodiac sign:Capricorn

 Who is Seful Bula? / Facts   

  • He's am idiot and a genius in the same time
  • He was "born" during Romania's comunist era
  • His name was born by changing the first letter of the Romanian popular word for penis (from P to B). You can easily guess that popular word
  • Bulă was voted 59th in a top of the most well known Romanians by Romanian Television in 2006
  • SefulBula is a funny facebook page with almost 300k likes as of January 2017 

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