Rey Mysterio
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: 11 December 1974


: Chula Vista, California, USA


: 45 years old


: Sagittarius


Real name: Óscar Gutiérrez


How tall is Rey Mysterio? 168 cm / 5 ft 7 in
Weight 79 kg / 174 lbs
When was Rey Mysterio born? 11 December 1974
How old is Rey Mysterio in 2020? 45 years
Where was Rey Mysterio born? Chula Vista, California, USA
Residence: San Diego, California, USA
Nicknames: Rey Mysterio, El Super Duper Nino, The Giant Killer, The Master of 619, The Biggest Little Man, The Ultimate Underdog, The Green Misterio, Oscar Misterio, Colibri, Super Nino Misterio, Lil' Rey, Flying Fury, The Giant Killer
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Net worth 2020 (estimated)

How much does Rey Mysterio worth? $8,500,000

Nationality: American, Mexican
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown

 Who is Rey Mysterio? / Facts   

  • Mexican roots - Started his pro wrestling career in Mexico.
  • Sacrifices - Dropped out of school to commit himself to pro wrestling. He did study a lot about this though, as he was noted for climbing up the success ladder.
  • A walking library - Of tattoos, from his mask to his family, to the sun and his name. You name it, he has it.
  • Come again with that walking library - Rey is also a published author. He put his autobiography on the shelves, titled Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask.
  • Photogenic - Filmed a commercial for the Surge drink together with Bill Goldberg.
  • Giant Killer - Was Misterio's nickname at one point as he managed to pin down guys twice his size. His agility however soon made him a favorite.
  • Steady guy - graduated from highschool with POD band member, Sonny Sandoval. They are still his favorite band.


  • "I want more competition. I want more big names thrown at me. I think I've proved I have the ability to be on any card."
  • "I think the fans feel they're getting their money's worth when they're watching me. At least thats what I hope."
  • "I like proving myself against the bigger competition, in terms of size."
  • "God has given me the blessing to perform so well in the sport I love so much, the career I belong in. Many asks if I think God appreciates what I'm doing, I tell them he obviously does if I'm still here."
  • "When I go home on Wednesday I feel like I'm stepping right back into the ring."
  • "Reading helps me be more creative, it helps my imagination and I like the fact that it gives me some quiet time."
  • "There's the music, the fans ... the moment of truth, the three seconds before I get launched into the air, ... It's an awesome feeling."

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