Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa
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Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa


: 20 August 1993


: Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.


: 26 years old


: Leo


  • Alfredo Villa, also known as prettyboyfredo is a famous YouTuber who rose to fame with his NBA 2k gameplay uploads. He has over 2.5m subscribers and 250m views on his YouTube channel, and over 330k on his Twitch account.
Real name: Alfredo Villa


How tall is Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa? 178 cm / 5 ft 11 in
When was Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa born? 20 August 1993
How old is Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa in 2020? 26 years
Where was Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa born? Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
Residence: Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Nicknames: prettyboyfredo, holliboy, Fredo 2Times
Zodiac sign: Leo

Net worth 2020 (estimated)

How much does Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa worth? $700,000

Nationality: American
Hair color: Black
Eyes color: Brown

 Who is Prettyboyfredo / Alfredo Villa? / Facts   

  • Youtube glory - With over 2.5m subscribers and 250m views, he is one of the trending YouTubers of the moment. Although he created his channel in 2009, he published his first video in Oct 2014. For updated and detailed stats, please scroll down the page to the social media section. Best known for his NBA 2k matches (especially the ones against KellHitEmUp), he recently focused more on pranks videos, mostly on pranks gone wrong.
  • prettyboyfredo's girlfriend - Jasmine, features in a lot of his videos, both as a victim and as a prankster herself. The most watched video on his channel is when Jasmine throws his PS4 into the pool. It got more than 20m views. They have been a couple since 2013. 
  • Children - prettyboyfredo is soon to become a father.
  • Net worth - If you're wondering "How Much Money Prettyboyfredo Makes On YouTube", this is the answer: Prettyboyfredo net worth is quite impressive at the age of 23 - $700k.
  • Where does prettyboyfredo live? - Born, raised and currently living in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
  • Giving back - As he monetizes his success more and more, due to his strong online presence, Alfredo also tries to give back to the community, whether it's clothes, money or toys. He films part of his charity actions and posts them on his YouTube channel.
  • Likes - He is a huge Orlando Magic and Lil' Wayne fan.
  • prettyboyfredo on Twitch - prettyboyfredo has more than 330k followers on his Twitch account where he plays mostly NBA 2k17, but started to diversify. His user is prettyboyfredo
  • Instagram - prettyboyfredo is trying to keep it alive on Instagram. He had one post in which he announced he would be using this channel more in the future.
  • SSH Tattoo - When prettyboyfredo reached 1mil subs he got himself a tattoo to show his appreciation to his fans and to remind him of the interesting journey he took on to get there. He got himself a basketball player, with the SSH initials tattooed on his back. Under it the words Clamp God is written. He also filmed himself during the process and uploaded the video to his YouTube channel.
  • prettyboyfredo car - Fredo rides a 2016 Chevy Camaro 2SS, one of the top entries on prettyboy's shopping list. And he sure earned it judging by how frequently he posted. He got it in May 2016.


  • University of Central Florida
  • Ridge Community High School, Haines City, Florida


  • "Beat the odds , Do Numbers & Remain Humble."
  • "Rise & Grind !!!"
  • "My work here is done."
  • "Babe, just 10 more minutes... Just 10 more minutes, that's all."
  • "Bag session."

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