Orlin Home
Net Worth 2022, Height, Wiki, Age, Bio

Orlin Home Net Worth 2022, Height, Wiki, Age


: 19 May 1992


: Colombia


: 30 years old Comment


: Taurus

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Orlin Home Wiki

  • Orlin Home is an Youtuber who makes videos about food
  • Nikocado Avocado's cooking partner & husband
Born:19 May 1992 Comment
How old is Orlin Home in 2022? / Age: 30 years
Where was Orlin Home born?Colombia
Zodiac sign:Taurus

Orlin Home Net worth 2022 (estimated)

How much is Orlin Home worth?Under review Comment
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

Who is Orlin Home? / Facts   

  • He loves plants, fruits, and flowers
  • Social media stats as of June 2020:
    • 166k subscribers on Youtube
    • 44k followers on Instagram
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  • jessalynt9966: NICK is the only reason why Orlin gained weight (February 22, 2022)  Reply »
    • ank: Truth!
  • Mary R: I think you both deserve to be happy again. I hope things get better for you both I enjoy watching your videos but especially when you are both happy. Best wishes! (January 25, 2022)  Reply »
  • jenny: I don't know why he stays with Nick when Nick is a hoe. Orlin deserves so much better (November 10, 2021)  Reply »
  • Abraham Teheran: Hi Orlin, I didn't know you were Colombian, I thought you were American (November 10, 2021)  Reply »
  • sarah dejesus: I think that Orlin and Nikocado Avocado get along (November 03, 2021)  Reply »
  • Sam: He's genuinely a great guy. (August 09, 2021)  Reply »
  • justin: How tall is Avocado Nikocado your man? (August 02, 2021)  Reply »
  • Ashlei Yung: Hi, I wanna say that I think Orlin is so cute. I know he's with Nick, but from the videos, I'd treat him like a king. <3 (July 21, 2021)  Reply »
  • Quen: Why don't you like Nick Avocado? Did you brake up or you're still together? (July 16, 2021)  Reply »
  • Mukbangsneedtostop: He is superior to the fat c*nt known as nikocado avocado. (July 07, 2021)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: Orlin, don't talk about Nick's weight when you're bigger than him, you both are unhealthy but you are bigger than him and you say Nick's unattractive. Nick's also funny and you can never take a joke. (June 24, 2021)  Reply »
  • noemi: He should leave that Avacado because Nick is a bad Avacado that doesn't deserve you. (June 07, 2021)  Reply »
  • beige: i love you! (March 06, 2021)  Reply »
  • sumyh: Stop bullying Nick in his vids. Especially in the "Orlin being mean", like that could've really hurt him. Trying to manipulate him.. SMH. (March 05, 2021)  Reply »
  • Gene: He is very emotionally cruel to his husband (February 27, 2021)  Reply »
  • Niki: He's so funny (February 21, 2021)  Reply »
  • zelayia: You need to lave, Nick (February 17, 2021)  Reply »
  • Dayona Harris: Get rid of Nick!! He makes you look unhappy!! RESPECTFULLY (February 16, 2021)  Reply »
  • [email protected]: What is his number? (February 11, 2021)  Reply »
  • miradi: I like when you roast, Nik! (February 07, 2021)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: he's hot (February 03, 2021)  Reply »
  • Max: Hi Orlin, Nick is annoying (February 02, 2021)  Reply »
  • NickAcado: “300” R.I.P (January 16, 2021)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: HE's ugly (January 07, 2021)  Reply »
    • Anonymous User 2: Listen, bro, if you don't have anything nice to say to Orlin then don't type anything on this website
  • [email protected]: What is your real name? (January 06, 2021)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: Nick, why is he like the way he is? (January 01, 2021)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: Hi, I am a big fan of your YouTube channel (December 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • ssh: he's so cute (December 24, 2020)  Reply »
  • Lexi: I get both of y'all have problems but I feel like you're the problem and that you yourself need serious help. Leave Nick and be better. (December 23, 2020)  Reply »
  • jai: He is chill but Nicado Avocado does not to anything but saying hurtful (December 23, 2020)  Reply »
  • Kylie Jenner: Omg, Nick is so mean to you! (December 17, 2020)  Reply »
    • Anonymous user: You're absoultely right, nice should be ashamed treating Orlin like he does. Nick doesn't make enough money to pay him to stick around. Orlin needs to run and run as fast as he can and find a new partner.
  • Anonymous user: You're a strong person for putting up with that hippos sh*t. Enjoy your time without him dude, he doesn't deserve you. (December 14, 2020)  Reply »
  • lovelypeaches407: his boyfriend is rude (December 10, 2020)  Reply »
  • cooc: why did you date a fat bum? (December 09, 2020)  Reply »
  • Ray'veonna: I think he should leave Nick because Nick just cries like a child and Orlin needs to have a good life (December 07, 2020)  Reply »
  • Mia rose: Hi, I hate Nick. How are you? (December 05, 2020)  Reply »
  • Austin: Deserve to cheat on him (November 24, 2020)  Reply »
  • AJ: I hope you both get your lives back on track either as separate individuals or as a couple. This Mukbang thing has definitely got to stop. Why not do a meal plan vlog instead, you can make three segments a day using balanced meals. These days there are even companies that do weekly delivery of prepared meals. I'm pretty certain you could even snap up a sponsorship if you do a ''back to life'' series. Where you can leave your house and do all things you used to. The current series looks like a prison sentence. Good Luck. (November 07, 2020)  Reply »
  • Tanasia: ORliN is so funny, i love nick, they are very good youtubers and I wanna thank you guys for always making me laugh when I am down (October 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • terri: i feel sorry for him (October 29, 2020)  Reply »
  • zaema: I think Nick is holding Orlin back. (October 26, 2020)  Reply »
  • Cameron 18 year old: Orlin, leave Nick. you and Henrique boyfriend and can we see him (October 22, 2020)  Reply »
  • nickavacodo: you need help real fast and i mean real fast cause you are crazy and that's on PERIOD POOH (October 22, 2020)  Reply »
  • Celeste: hi, my name is Celeste and I watch you and your videos (October 22, 2020)  Reply »
  • nick: picture needs an update lmao (October 06, 2020)  Reply »
  • khloe: hi i'm khloe and you have a lot of drama (September 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • Angel: Hello, I love ur videos (September 23, 2020)  Reply »
  • Nickocado: I think he's really cool, please tell him I said that (September 23, 2020)  Reply »
  • jada willis: stop being mean to nik >:< (September 15, 2020)  Reply »
  • mariana: hi, break up with nick (September 14, 2020)  Reply »
  • [email protected]: What's your facebook? I'm realy like you. Add me up >> Jose Martin Hernandez Jacobo (September 12, 2020)  Reply »
  • Anonymous user: He needs help. (September 11, 2020)  Reply »
  • Sania Shoaib: Nikocado avocado is at right and it is not water weight (September 07, 2020)  Reply »
  • tom: ugly (August 24, 2020)  Reply »
  • alex: u're so hot! (August 11, 2020)  Reply »
  • Pharrell: He beats his husband (August 09, 2020)  Reply »
  • Minette: OMG, for some weird reason I thought he was Columbian...sorry my bad...on govorit po Russki (August 01, 2020)  Reply »
    • Mykyna: He is Columbian. This entire thing is just wrong. Orlin was born in Columbia (I think) and NICK was born in Ukraine. Nick is Ukraine and Orlin is Columbia.
  • From,: Orlin Nick deserved it. He is a cheater! Good job cheating on him. Oh and girlie make his life a living hell. I think you are an amazing and a very committed guy to stay with Nick for so long. So I am a huge fan of yours and you know how to roast Nick hard! If you see this, talk about it in your next vid! (July 30, 2020)  Reply »
  • David: Otlin is COLOMBIAN! (July 16, 2020)  Reply »


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