Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley
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Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley


: 10 August 1993


: Perth, Western Australia


: 26 years old


: Leo


  • YouTube comedian famous for his prank and challenges
Real name: Max Stanley
When was Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley born? 10 August 1993
How old is Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley in 2020? 26 years
Where was Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley born? Perth, Western Australia
Residence: Parmelia, Western Australia
Nicknames: Max Moe Foe
Zodiac sign: Leo

Net worth 2020 (estimated)

How much does Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley worth? $500,000

Hair color: Light brown
Eyes color: Green

 Who is Maxmoefoe / Max Stanley? / Facts   

  • Account opening - It happened in Nov. 2007, but he publish his first video in 2008
  • Impressive traffic - His youtube channel is called Maxmoefoe, and having huge stats, as you can see lower on the stats section in this page: over 2.2 million subscribers and over 200 million views at the end of year 2016
  • Other channels - He has other channels, too: Maxmoefoetwo, MaxmoefoeGames, and MaxmoefoePokemon
  • Love life - He had a relation with the Instagram celeb XantiaJams and in a relation with KatharineFoxx as of Dec 2016
  • Media appearances - He appeared on the Australian news (Nine News) in August 2012, as he posted a video called “Lord of the Dings” - he made a prank to an auto repair shop. The owner of the store went to the police, but they said there was nothing they could do 
  • What he loves -  Pokémon, collecting Pop Vinyl figures
  • Collaborations - George Miller (FilthyFrank), Chad (Anything4Views), Ian (iDubbbz)
  • Banned - In 2012, his channel was blocked for 2 weeks as he pretended to be a 13-year old girl on Omegle; in the end he revealed the man as a pedophile
  • Cat lover - He has a black cat; he calls her Kyo

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