Max Igan
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Max Igan
Public speaker


: Australia


  • Australian public speaker on matters such as truth, a new way of living and the Matrix we all live in
Where was Max Igan born? Australia
Residence: Southern Queensland, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Hair color: Bald
Eyes color: Blue

 Who is Max Igan? / Facts   

  • He is is creating Informational Podcasts, Videos, Articles and Documentaries
  • Films - He has produced two full-length films, 'The Awakening' (2011) & 'Trance-Formation' (2012), amassing over one million viewers
  • Stats - His channel, thecrowhouse, has around 130k subscribers as of Oct 2018


  • There is a huge control grid on this earth and when attempting to discover the truth about what it is, there have been a plethora of ready made rabbit holes provided to shift peoples focus and lead them down blind alleys that distract them from the real issues.

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