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Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Founding date

: 1996

Founding place

: Agoura Hills, California


: 24 years ago


  • American alternative rock/nu metal band from California formed in 1996. They had they international break in 2000, with the Hybrid Theory album.
  • Sold over 68m albums worldwide and received two Grammy Awards.
How old is Linkin Park in 2020? 24 years
Where was Linkin Park founded?Agoura Hills, California
Nicknames:Xero, Hybrid Theory

 What is Linkin Park? / Facts   

  • The roots - The secret of it lasting this long could probably come from the fact that the core of the band is based on friendship. Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson were 3 friends that went to the same highschool (Agoura High School). Mark Wakefield soon joined as the vocalist of the band. They made a demo tape in Mike's bedroom but failed to nail a record deal. Mark then left the band and after a recommendation, Chester Bennington joined the band. 
  • First record deal - After their demo tape was spread on the web through forums and social media, the band had high hopes to be taken by a big label. However things did not go according to plan, and only after the 4th time of trying to get signed with Warner Bros, did they manage to get the contract in 1999.
  • The name - Starting as Xero, the band went on to change its name to Hybrid Theory, after Chester joined the band and brought a fresh creative air. Then, in an effort of being reborn, they guys opted for a name that would pay homage to Lincoln Park in Santa Monica. As the web domain was taken, they went for Linkin Park, which free. And it stuck.
  • Good omen - First concert by the band was at The Whisky a Go Go club, where Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses and The Doors launched too.
  • Acknowledgements - MTV2 named the band the 6th greatest from the music video era and the 3rd from the 2000s. Billboard also ranked them the 19th band of the decade. They were also the first rock band to reach 1bn views on YouTube. They were nominated for 169 awards and won 59 of those. Impressive!
  • Multi-genre - Although labeled as an alternative rock/metal band, Linkin Park combines parts of nu-metal with rap and electronic music. They also collaborated with artists from other areas, such as Jay Z and Steve Aoki.
  • Influenced by - Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, The Aphex Twin and The Roots.
  • Music with a cause - They always tried to leverage their notoriety to raise awareness and funds. They have released songs and performed at charity concerts for causes such as the Haiti and Tohoku earthquakes, the tsunami victims, Save the Children, the victims of the Philippine Typhoon.


  • "We aren't a manufacturer. We are artists, and we've gone philosophically back to where we were writing music before we sold a record."
  • "I followed my own instinct because everybody else was f... up, and I didn't like anybody else's thing, so therefore I would do my own"
  • "The tours we did in the beginning, everybody we toured with was either drinking or doing drugs."
  • "This is me. I'm a nice, friendly guy that was always stuck behind this monster that was just really a hurt kid."
  • "Music can be political in a way I never felt before – performing certain songs in Red Square or Tel Aviv can really affect people."
  • "We're famouse but we're not celebrities."

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