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Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday

Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla
Video Producer


: 13 September 1988


: Guarujá, Brazil


: 29 years old


: Virgo


  • Video producer, director and screenwriter from Brazil, focusing on music videos.
  • YouTube sensation with close to 9m subscribers and over 3.6bn views.
Real name:Konrad Cunha Dantas
When was Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla born?13 September 1988
How old is Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla in 2017? 29 years
Where was Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla born?Guarujá, Brazil
Residence:São Paulo, Brazil
Nicknames:KondZilla, Kond
Zodiac sign:Virgo
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Black
Eyes color:Black

 Who is Konrad Dantas / Canal KondZilla? / Facts   

  • On the rise - With over 1m subscribers added each month and nearly 600m views per month, it seems like KondZilla is riding the big wave. However he does not monetize the channel as he sees the work as belonging to the artists.
  • First steps - After his mother died when he was 20, he moved to Sao Paulo and focused his efforts on video making, taking cinematography, post-production and photography courses. He started working with visual effects for advertising clips but then decided to focus more on the direction of clips. In 2011 he started making videos and has been going strong since, posting weekly and even daily videos.
  • Strong supporter of fresh music - Backing up young talents from Brazil, Konrad focuses mostly on the funk, reggae and rap local artists. He mentions that they are closer to the 2000s version of North American videos and music.
  • Different approach - Straying from the traditional poor and humble way of Brazilian videos, the recurrent theme across his videos is funk ostentation, where big brands are often mentioned in the songs.
  • Brand - Not only does he brand all his videos with his logo, KondZilla also sells hats and clothing branded the same way.
  • Nickname - His brother used to call him Kond when he was a child. He later appended the Zilla to it, as monster in the slang means something really good. So the Kond Monster became KondZilla.
  • ONErpm - Is the network supporting KondZilla, backing him up and promoting his videos. He is also their top member.


  • "Who is not of this world thinks that funkeiros are a bunch of favelados. People do not know how funk makes money."
  • "In the language of the streets a very good thing is called a monster, so I looked for the name of a monster that sounded like Kond and I remembered the GodZilla, hence Kond Monster = KondZilla"
  • "Over time I saw that I spent more time studying how to make clips than effects. When I really decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life, I left the production company and put all my chips in the direction of clips."
  • "Although Rio is the birthplace of funk in Brazil, the money is in São Paulo."

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