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KIDS 312

KIDS 312
YouTube channel

Founding date

: 2014


: 2 years ago


  • YouTube channel with baby rhymes and songs.
  • With over 1m subscribers and closing in to 900m views, it is one of the highest growing YouTube channels targeting the tiny humans
How old is KIDS 312 in 2017? 2 years

 Who is KIDS 312? / Facts   

  • Finger Family - Sounds a bit weird but this is the most popular series on their channel. With some videos going for over 1 hour, they add diversity to the similar tracks with their diverse graphics, mostly filled with colorful sweets or references to superheroes.
  • Snapshot - Highlighting their 3D videos, they post rather regularly, with a couple of videos every week. However they still harvest from their older videos, with a collection of over 150 of them, generating around 4m views per day. 
  • Mobile App - Expanding their baby horizons, they also created an Android app, but it mostly plays the videos from their YouTube channel.


  • "Welcome to the channel of baby rhymes and songs.. Here you can find finger family poems and song for children."
  • "Family finger song is the most popular rhyme on youtube for the moment. Everyone knows about it, every kid sings it."

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