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John Hanke
Wiki, Height, Age, Net Worth, Family 2019

John Hanke


: 08 November 1967


: 52 years old


: Scorpio


  • Businessman and Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Niantic Labs, creator of mobile & social applications Pokémon Go and Ingress
  • Before that, he worked in foreign affairs for the US Government and Myanmar
Real name:John Hanke
When was John Hanke born?08 November 1967
How old is John Hanke in 2019? 52 years
Zodiac sign:Scorpio

Net worth 2019 (estimated)

How much does John Hanke worth?$18,000,000


 Who is John Hanke? / Facts   

  • Pokemon Go - John Hanke created the biggest mobile game in the history of the United States. Pokémon Go had more than 10 million downloads in less than a week
  • Gaming - He was very passionate about gaming, but also about mapping the world. When he was just a student, he created the multiplayer game called Meridian 59
  • Google Earth - In 2000, John Hanke created Keyhole, a company that created Google Earth. It wasn't called like that from the beginning, of course, but Google bought the company later
  • Geomapping - This is how the idea of Geomapping Games came to life
  • Niantic - This is the name of the company that created Pokémon Go: “The Niantic is the name of a whaling ship that came up during the gold rush and through a variety of circumstances got dragged on shore. This happened with other ships, too. Over the years, San Francisco was basically just built over these ships. You could stand on top of them now, and you wouldn’t know it. So it’s this idea that there’s stuff about the world that’s really cool but even though it’s on the Internet, it’s hard to know when you’re actually there.” (Source:
  • First geomapping game - In 2002, John Hankes' Niantic launched Ingress, the first geomapping game (it mapped the most popular locations where people met to play)
  • Google again - Google funded Niantic for the spectacular game Pokémon Go. And Nintendo invested, too
  • Classic - Pokemon Go was inspired by the classic "Pokemon Red and Blue" game from 1998
  • Overnight or overdecades? - So, the stunning "overnight succes" that Pokémon Go is, took actually 20 years


  • University of Texas in Austin - University of California, Berkeley


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