James Heltibridle
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James Heltibridle


: 29 November 1988




: Sagittarius


: 10 November 2016


: 27 years


  • Artist, designer, film maker

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When was James Heltibridle born? 29 November 1988
When did James Heltibridle die? / Died 10 November 2016
How many years did James Heltibridle live? / Lived 27 years
Where was James Heltibridle born? USA
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: American
Hair color: Light brown

 Who was James Heltibridle? / Facts   

  • Mostly known for - his work on Walking Dead series, the ninth episode of season 7 named ‘Rock in the Road’ being dedicated to him
  • Design oriented - film professional
  • Educated - He followed specialized training in Art Direction, Visual Merchandising, SketchUp Modeling, and Precision Driving
  • He died - in Nov 2016 in a car accident
  • Shorts - He was production designer on short films such as Memoris and Death and the Robot in 2012 and 2013 


  • North Carolina School of the Arts


  • Our battle, our struggle, is to create art. Our weapon is the moving picture. Because we have the moving picture, our paintings will grow and recede

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