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Ingmar Bergman
Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Age

Ingmar Bergman Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Age
Film director, screenwriter

Net worth

: $20,000,000 Comment


: 179 cm / 5 ft 11 in tall


: 14 July 1918


: Uppsala, Sweden


: Cancer


: 30 July 2007


: 89 years

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Ingmar Bergman Wiki

  • Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • He's considered to be among the most accomplished and influential filmmakers of all time
  • Find more facts about him below
Real name:Ernst Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman Height

How tall was Ingmar Bergman?179 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Born:14 July 1918 Comment
When did Ingmar Bergman die? / Died30 July 2007
How many years did Ingmar Bergman live? / Lived89 years
Where was Ingmar Bergman born?Uppsala, Sweden
Where did Ingmar Bergman die? / Deathplace Fårö, Sweden
Zodiac sign:Cancer

Ingmar Bergman Net worth 2021 (estimated)

How much is Ingmar Bergman worth?$20,000,000 Comment

Ascendant: Gemini
Hair color:Gray
Eyes color:Hazel

Who was Ingmar Bergman? / Facts   

  • Early life and family - Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala, Sweden, the son of Erik Bergman, a Lutheran minister and later chaplain to the King of Sweden, and Karin Åkerblom, a nurse.
    He grew up with his older brother Dag and sister Margareta surrounded by religious imagery and discussion.
    Although raised in a devout Lutheran household, Bergman later stated that he lost his faith when aged 8.
    His interest in theatre and film began early.

  • Education - Bergman attended Palmgren's School as a teenager.
    His school years were unhappy,he had strongly disliked the emphasis on homework and testing in his formal schooling.
    Bergman enrolled at Stockholm University College in 1937, to study art and literature.

  • First jobs - Although he did not graduate from the university, he wrote a number of plays and an opera, and became an assistant director at a local theatre.
    In 1942, he was given the opportunity to direct one of his own scripts, Caspar's Death.
    The play was seen by members of Svensk Filmindustri, which then offered Bergman a position working on scripts.

  • Directorial career - Bergman's film career began in 1941 with his work rewriting scripts, but his first major accomplishment was in 1944 when he wrote the screenplay for Torment (a.k.a. Frenzy) (Hets), a film directed by Alf Sjöberg.
    Along with writing the screenplay, he was also appointed assistant director of the film.
    Bergman directed over sixty films and documentaries for cinematic release and for television screenings, most of which he also wrote. He also directed over 170 plays.

  • Filmography - Bergman's films include Smiles of a Summer Night (1955), The Seventh Seal (1957), The Silence (1963), Wild Strawberries (1957), Persona (1966), Cries and Whispers (1972), Scenes from a Marriage (1973), and Fanny and Alexander (1982).
    The last two exist in extended television versions.

  • Screenwriting - Bergman usually wrote his films' screenplays, thinking about them for months or years before starting the actual process of writing, which he viewed as somewhat tedious.

  • Themes - Bergman's films usually deal with existential questions of mortality, loneliness, and religious faith.
    In addition to these cerebral topics, however, sexual desire features in the foreground of most of his films.

  • Political views - While he was a social democrat as an adult, Bergman stated that "as an artist I'm not politically involved ... I don't make propaganda for either one attitude or the other."

  • Collaborations - He eventually forged a creative partnership with his cinematographers Gunnar Fischer and Sven Nykvist.
    Among his company of actors were Harriet Andersson, Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Gunnar Björnstrand, Erland Josephson, Ingrid Thulin, and Max von Sydow.

  • Trivia - Most of his films were set in Sweden, and many films from Through a Glass Darkly (1961) onward were filmed on the island of Fårö.
    Bergman said that of his works, he held Winter Light, Persona, and Cries and Whispers in the highest regard.

  • Tax evasion charges - On 30 January 1976, while rehearsing August Strindberg's The Dance of Death at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, he was arrested by two police officers and charged with income tax evasion.
    The impact of the event on Bergman was devastating.
    He suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the humiliation, and was hospitalised in a state of deep depression.
    Although the charges were dropped, Bergman became disconsolate, fearing he would never again return to directing.
    He vowed never to work in Sweden again.
    He remained in Munich until 1984.
    In one of the last major interviews with Bergman, he said that despite being active during the exile, he had effectively lost 8 years of his professional life.

  • Personal life - Bergman was married 5 times.
    He married Else Fisher (choreographer and dancer) in 1943.
    They had one daughter and divorced in 1945.
    Bergman then married Ellen Lundström (choreographer and film director) in 1945, had 4 children, but they divorced in 1950. 
    The third wife was Gun Grut (journalist).
    They got married in 1951, had a son, and divorced 8 years later, in 1959.
    The forth wife was Käbi Laretei (concert pianist).
    The two married in 1959, had a son, and divorced 10 years later, in 1969.
    His fifth and last wife was Ingrid von Rosen.
    Bergman met Ingrid von Rosen in 1957 and had an on-and-off affair with her until 1969.
    Their daughter Maria was born in 1959, was born twelve years before their marriage, the same year Bergman divorced Grut and married Laretei.
    He did not tell Maria he was her father until she was 22.
    In 1971 Bergman and Ingrid von Rosen got married, and were together until her death.
    She died of stomach cancer in 1995, aged 65.
    Aside from his marriages, Bergman had romantic relationships with actresses Harriet Andersson (1952–55), Bibi Andersson (1955–59), and Liv Ullmann (1965–70).
    In all, Bergman had nine children, including a daughter with Liv Ullmann.
    One of his children predeceased him.

  • Retirement - Bergman retired from filmmaking in December 2003.

  • Death - He had hip surgery in October 2006 and was making a difficult recovery.
    He died in his sleep at age 89 on 30 July 2007.
    It was the same day another renowned existentialist film director, Michelangelo Antonioni, died.

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  • Palmgren's School
  • Stockholm University College


The theater is like a faithful wife. The film is the great adventure - the costly, exacting mistress.

I hope I never get old so I get religious.

In a quarrel with one of my sons, I said, "I know I've been a lousy father". He said, "A father? You haven't been a father at all!"

I write scripts to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh and sinew of images.

I think I have made just one picture that I really like, and that is Winter Light. Everything is exactly as I wanted to have it, in every second of this picture.

Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.

My basic view of things is - not to have any basic view of things. From having been exceedingly dogmatic, my views on life have gradually dissolved. They don't exist any longer.

When I was young, I was extremely scared of dying. But now I think it a very, very wise arrangement. It's like a light that is extinguished. Not very much to make a fuss about.

To shoot a film is to organize an entire universe.

Directing is more fun with women. Everything is.

[the last thing he said to actor Peter Stormare] Time and space separates us. But our souls are connected.

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