Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Age, Bio

Gloom Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Age, Bio

Net worth

: $4,000,000


: 173 cm / 5 ft 9 in


: 19 December 1990


: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


: 29 years old


: Sagittarius

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  • Canadian YouTuber and social media star
Real name: Kassima Isabelle


How tall is Gloom? 173 cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight 58 kg / 128 lbs
Born: 19 December 1990
How old is Gloom in 2020? / Age: 29 years
Where was Gloom born? Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nicknames: Kassie, CloudyApples, Gloomy Kassie
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Net worth 2020 (estimated)

How much is Gloom worth? $4,000,000
Nationality: Canadian
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown

 Who is Gloom? / Facts   


  • Family - Kassie was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, but spent most of her childhood in Singapore.
    She is of Chinese, Malaysian, British, and Italian descent, and grew up with two siblings - an older brother and a younger sister.
  • Early years - After returning to her homeland, Kassie started elementary school, where she was often bullied due to her Chinese-like physical appearance.
    She started to combat this with violence as her self-esteem went down. 
    During middle school, she met a girl named Ashleigh who she would later become best friends with.
    Near the end of Kassie's middle school years, Ashleigh switched schools and Kassie's family encountered problems that caused more anxiety for her. She didn't open up to others as she didn't want them to feel pity for her. 
    Kassie described her high school years as a nightmare.
    She skipped her classes more than she attended them in her final two years and she wouldn't take care of herself, later learning that she and her sister had clinical depression.
    Kassie's younger sister took her own life in the summer of 2013. It took a big toll on her mental health.
    Kassie went to college with her brother, where she improved her grades and got scholarships along with an invite to a university.
    Within the first few months of her first semester in university, she ran into numerous health issues which caused her to feel fatigued and insecure.
    Kassie tried battling her depression with anti-depressants which made her feel suicidal, spontaneous, and irritable.
    After getting severe emotional difficulties, she withdrew from university and went on numerous diets only to worsen her situation.
    She soon gave up her dietary habits and medications, and in her case, she explains that it had an incredible impact on her life.
    She later returned to university.
    On March 27, 2019, Kassie got a tattoo on her right arm in remembrance of her deceased sister.
  • Rise to fame - In 2011, she first created CloudyApples, a lifestyle-themed YouTube channel, here she has accumulated more than 500K subscribers.
  • Gloom - Kassie moved on and made her other channel in 2015 by the name of Gloom, which mostly consists of gaming and commentary videos.
    Her channel used to be called GloomGames, but she changed it since she wanted to expand her content. Now she also does vlogs, skits, commentary videos, etc.
    Later she joined the ICON YouTube network.
  • Competitions - In 2018, Kassie was part of the casting crew for the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am (a televised show that pairs 50 pro Fortnite players with a celebrity partner in a duos competition ).
  • Collaborations - Kassie collaborated on a video with Shakira, which is called "Reacting with Shakira to Her Old Videos".
    Kassie often collaborates with AzzyLand and Kubz Scouts. 
    She has also collaborated with ItsFunneh, Noraverse, Pokimane, LaurenzSide, iHasCupquake, Chance and Anthony from Team 10 Gaming, Yammy, Ericzona, Melanie Murphy, KSic Gaming and LDShadowLady.
  • Trivia - Kassie has a 15-year-old male dog named Twinkie.
    Skunks are her favorite animals.
    Kassie has arachnophobia.
  • Personal life - In her video "I'm Coming Out", Kassie came out as pansexual.
    She met a friend of her older brother, named Teebs Liebersteen, who became her boyfriend.
    In December 2019, they got engaged.
  • Social media stats - Kassie has 4.67M subscribers on YouTube, 390K followers on Instagram and 1.8M followers on TikTok, as of May 2020.


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  • Amy: I love watching your videos. Your my favourite youtuber. I especially like your art videos and the videos you do with Azzyland. (August 04, 2020)  Reply »
  • XxLily_DiyaxX: I mean she's kinda nice! and i subscribe to her Videos! (July 26, 2020)  Reply »
  • leah: she is amazing! (July 19, 2020)  Reply »
  • SS: birthday? (July 17, 2020)  Reply »
  • goldfishe: She's amazing! (July 06, 2020)  Reply »

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