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  • A getter is a deposit of reactive material that is placed inside a vacuum system, for the purpose of completing and maintaining the vacuum

 Getter facts

  • When gas molecules strike the getter material, they combine with it chemically or by absorption
  • Thus the getter removes small amounts of gas from the evacuated space
  • The getter is usually a coating applied to a surface within the evacuated chamber
  • A vacuum is initially created by connecting a closed container to a vacuum pump
  • After achieving a vacuum, the container can be sealed, or the vacuum pump can be left running
  • Getters are especially important in sealed systems, such as vacuum tubes, including cathode ray tubes (CRTs), and vacuum insulated panels, which must maintain a vacuum for a long time
  • This is because the inner surfaces of the container release absorbed gases for a long time after the vacuum is established
  • The getter continually removes this residual gas as it is produced
  • Even in systems which are continually evacuated by a vacuum pump, getters are also used to remove residual gas, often to achieve a higher vacuum than the pump could achieve alone
  • Although it weighs almost nothing and has no moving parts, a getter is itself a vacuum pump

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