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Georgios Papanikolaou
Wiki, Height, Age, Net Worth, Family 2019

Georgios Papanikolaou


: 13 May 1883


: Kymi, Greece


: Taurus


: 19 February 1962


: 78 years


  • He was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer detection, and inventor of the "Pap smear".
When was Georgios Papanikolaou born?13 May 1883
When did Georgios Papanikolaou die? / Died19 February 1962
How many years did Georgios Papanikolaou live? / Lived78 years
Where was Georgios Papanikolaou born?Kymi, Greece
Residence:Miami, Florida, US
Zodiac sign:Taurus

 Who was Georgios Papanikolaou? / Facts   

  • After studying medicine in Greece and Germany, he emigrated in 1913 to the US
  • He first reported that uterine cancer cells could be detected in vaginal smears in 1928, but his work was not widely recognized until the 1940s
  • An extensive trial of his techniques was carried out in the early 1950s
  • In 1961, he was invited to the University of Miami to lead and develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute there

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