Flying Uwe
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Flying Uwe
Youtuber, athlete


: Hamburg, Germany


  • Athlete. model and youtuber interested in Dacascos Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung-Fu & Fitness
Real name: Uwe Schüder


How tall is Flying Uwe? 178 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Weight 77 kg / 170 lbs
Where was Flying Uwe born? Hamburg, Germany
Residence: Hamburg, Germany
Nicknames: FlyingUwe, Flying Uwe with his kung-fu madness
Nationality: German
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Brown

 Who is Flying Uwe? / Facts   

  • His youtube channel has just a little bit to reach the 1 million subscribers milestone
  • Despite all hardships, he can deal with difficult situations, as he trains a lot and he is very disciplined. His father died at an early age
  • He won the 4th place at Mr. Germany, 2002 to 2011 15x 1st place / 11x 2nd place / 13x 3rd place
  • He is also internationally successful since 2012
  • Just as his father, he is passionate about martial arts and he just struggles to be the best
  • He helped promote Adidas, Bruno Banani, Ben Lee and others
  • He likes to make movies and one of his first self-directed films - "Debt Collection" was a great success
  • He has been practicing Kung-Fu regularly since the age of 14 


  • My father was a big Bruce Lee fan. Somehow I caught fire

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