Earther Academy

Earther Academy
Health channel

Founding date

: 2006

Founding place

: Hawaii, US


: 13 years ago


  • Mind and Body Research Institute that is specialized in enhancing health and wellness 
  • Dr. Robert Cassar's youtube channel 
Founded: 2006
How old is Earther Academy in 2019? 13 years
Where was Earther Academy founded? Hawaii, US
Headquarters: Hawaii, US
Nationality: American
Hair color: Grey
Eyes color: Brown

 What is Earther Academy? / Facts   

  • Earther Academy wants to inspire people in changing their life style
  • Terrain Modification Retreat - A 21 Day Detox And Rejuvenation Clinical Studies Terrain Modification Retreat/Workshops In Hawaii

  • Liquid Fasting - They offer 2 Ketogenic 21 Day Fasting Programs with excellent results 
  • Location - The Terrain Modification Research Academy is located on a tropical farm land in Hawaii, 14 miles north of Hilo
  • Stats - 75k subscribers on Youtube as of Oct 2018


  • “Dissolve, Wash and Re-nutrify” – “Upgrade, Enhance, and Optimize” – “Reset, Renew and Rebuild”.

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