Dimitris Melissanidis
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  • Dimitris Melissanidis born June 15, 1951 in Nikaia, Greece, is a Greek business shipping magnate and oil tycoon who is one of Greece's most successful businessmen

 Dimitris Melissanidis facts

  • Dimitris Melissanidis who is nicknamed "Tiger" is sometimes described as the largest independent supplier of fuel oil on the planet
  • He is the founder and ex-owner of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc
  • which is the largest independent fuel supplier in the world
  • He also owned the second largest Oil company in Greece, Aegean Oil and an indirect minority shareholder of OPAP, which is Europe's biggest betting firm, via Emma Delta Investment Fund and leader of AEK Athens F
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  • Melissanidis was ranked 98th in 2015 and 97th in 2014 in the world in the Lloyd's List Top 100 Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry and has been repeatedly acknowledged for his prestigious international shipping contribution
  • Melissanidis has also been acknowledged for his successful business career on Forbes magazine
  • He has served as AEK Athens Football Club's thirtieth (30th) and thirty second (32nd) president, serving from 1992–1993 and 1994-1995 respectively
  • He was also president of AEK during 1998-1999 but ENIC Group was the shareholder

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