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Clemens & Partner Mietpark-Elsdorf & Anhängervertriebszentrum
Wiki, Facts

Clemens & Partner Mietpark-Elsdorf & Anhängervertriebszentrum Wiki, Facts



  • Clemens is both a Late Latin masculine given name and a surname meaning "merciful"

 Clemens & Partner Mietpark-Elsdorf & Anhängervertriebszentrum facts

  • Notable people with the name include:nSurname:nAndrew Clemens (b
  • 1852 or 1857–1894), American folk artistnAurelius Prudentius Clemens, 4th century Roman poetnBarry Clemens (born 1943), American basketball playernBert A
  • Clemens (1874-1935), American politiciannBrian Clemens (born 1931), British screenwriter and television producernClayton Clemens, American Professor of GovernmentnDan Clemens (born 1945), American politiciannGeorge T
  • Clemens (1902–1992), American cinematographernHarold W
  • Clemens (1918–1998), American politiciannC
  • Herbert Clemens (born 1939), American mathematiciannIsaac Clemens (1815–1880), Canadian farmer and politiciannJames Brackenridge Clemens (1825-1867), American entomologistnJacob Clemens non Papa (c
  • 1510 to 1515–1555 or 1556), Franco-Flemish composer of the RenaissancenJames Clemens, Lord Mayor of Liverpool 1775-6nJames Clemens, pen name of author James Paul CzajkowskinJames Clemens, Jr
  • (1791–1878), a US SenatornJean Clemens (1880–1909), youngest daughter of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)nJeremiah Clemens (1814–1865), U
  • S
  • senator and novelistnJosef Clemens (born 1947), German bishopnJoseph Clemens (1862–1936), American missionary and plant collectornJoseph Clemens of Bavaria (1671–1723), German archbishopnKellen Clemens (born 1983), American football playernKoby Clemens (born 1986), American baseball playernMarcus Arrecinus Clemens (disambiguation), multiple peoplenMartin Clemens, British World War II soldier and Solomon Islands coastwatchernMary Strong Clemens (1873–1968), American botanist and plant collectornOlivia Langdon Clemens (1845–1904), wife of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)nOrion Clemens (1825–1897), brother of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)nPaul Clemens (born 1988), American baseball playernRoger Clemens (born 1962), American baseball playernSamuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain (1835–1910), authornSherrard Clemens (1820–1881), American politician and lawyernTitus Flavius Clemens (consul), great-nephew of the Roman Emperor Vespasian and (as Flavius Clemens) a saint in the Greek Orthodox ChurchnWilliam Clemens (film director) (1905–1980), American film directornGiven name:nClemens (rapper), (born 1979), real name Clemens Legolas Telling, Danish rapper, singer, music writer, actornClemens (impostor) (d

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