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Bob Guccione
Wiki, Height, Age, Net Worth, Family 2019


: 17 December 1930


: Sagittarius


: 20 October 2010


: 79 years


  • Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini "Bob" Guccione was the founder of the adult magazine Penthouse in 1965
When was Bob Guccione born?17 December 1930
When did Bob Guccione die? / Died20 October 2010
How many years did Bob Guccione live? / Lived79 years
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius

 Bob Guccione facts

  • This was aimed at competing with Hugh Hefner's Playboy, but with more extreme erotic content, a special style of soft-focus photography, and in-depth reporting of government corruption scandals
  • By 1982 Guccione was listed in the Forbes 400 wealth list, and owned one of the biggest mansions in Manhattan
  • But he made some extravagant investments that failed, and the growth of free online porn in the 1990s greatly diminished his market
  • In 2003, Guccione’s publishers declared bankruptcy and he resigned as chairman

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