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Blippi / Stevin John
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Blippi / Stevin John
Artist, YouTuber




  • Blippi, (real name is Stevin John) is an actor and digital media producer, best known for his fun & educational videos for children.
  • His main YouTube channel, Blippi, has over 546k subscribers and more than 544m views. He helps children learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters and the alphabet, through nursery rhymes, educational songs and videos.
  • Discover more about Stevin, below.
Real name:Stevin W. John
Where was Blippi / Stevin John born?USA
Residence:Seattle, Washington, USA

Net worth

How much does Blippi / Stevin John worth?$600,000

Hair color:Light brown
Eyes color:Light brown

 Who is Blippi / Stevin John? / Facts   

  • Stevin John's age - Born on the 28th of May, Stevin's year of birth is still a matter of speculation. He sometimes asks this question on his Facebook page, asking parents to get their child's input on this. Most see him as being from 2 to 4 years old : )
  • Before fame - Stevin had different jobs before his kids-related fun work: dishwasher, courtesy clerk, waiter, Air Force c-17 loadmaster, SEO specialist, and cameraman. As a child he wanted to be a limousine driver. He was an independent filmmaker, creating over 150+ commercial and promotional videos.
  • How it all came together - In 2014, Stevin was doodling some ideas and putting down video topics, when he decided to host the show himself. He also posts exclusive content on his webpage, as well as selling apparel, books, CDs, plush dolls and personalized videos. He is included in the Top 100 performing Amazon Video self-publish shows.
  • His second YouTube channel - Blippi Toys, got him 420k subscribers and more than 326m views.
  • Maketing experience - Blippi is experienced in brand development, digital content creation and online marketing.
  • Other projects - He is also a Marketing/Content Consultant since 2009, putting his experience available for his customers.
  • Emotion - He helps kids to learn easier by bringing emotion to the act of learning. His videos are watched by children between 2 and 7 years old
  • Philosophy of life - He lives his life according to Abraham Lincoln's quote: "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

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  • UCLA - Cinematography and Film/Video Production


  • I'm a singer .. in the shower
  • My goal with Blippi was to bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning.
  • I'm a creative entrepreneur that I strive to utilize my skills in digital content creation, internet marketing, and brand development to bring those ideas to life.

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Carly M Lawrence
16 Apr 2017

I love you Blippi. Thank you so much for making such great videos. My son is 19 months, and has the attention span of a goldfish. He will, however, sit still for up to 10 minutes at a time while watching you on utube.

Mrs T.K.J.
25 Apr 2017

Hello 21 month old has been addicted to you since last year...he does not watch ANYTHING else. ..he wakes up to you....and goes to sleep to you.....glad to see your making new videos more often now....can I ask when you plan to do your live England? ....please come to Manchester. ....

Lorraine and Wendell Brenner
21 May 2017

wonderful, fun and educational show et al thanks for sharing your energies and creativity Blippi~ we all love you! Mormor (mothers mother/grandma in Norwegian - with 8 grandchildren ranging in ages from 2 to 17) and Far (grandpa)

Tammy Wolfe
28 May 2017

Hi Blippi! My 2 year old grandson and I have recently discovered your videos. He loves you and says "you're a funny guy". He's really into trucks, cars, and heavy equipment, so your videos are perfect for him. Thanks for providing entertaining and educational videos. Oh, and I see today happens to be your birthday, so happy birthday!

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Blippi / Stevin John Social Media Accounts

Blippi / Stevin John is placed 20320th on WikiFame Social Media Rank
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