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  • An amplifier, electronic amplifier or amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal

 Amplifier facts

  • An amplifier functions by taking power from a power supply and controlling the output to match the input signal shape but with a larger amplitude
  • In this sense, an amplifier modulates the output of the power supply based upon the properties of the input signal
  • An amplifier is effectively the opposite of an attenuator: while an amplifier provides gain, an attenuator provides loss
  • An amplifier can either be a discrete piece of equipment or an electrical circuit contained within another device
  • Amplification is fundamental to modern electronics, and amplifiers are widely used in almost all electronic equipment
  • Amplifiers can be categorized in different ways
  • One is by the frequency of the electronic signal being amplified; audio amplifiers amplify signals in the audio (sound) range of less than 20 kHz, RF amplifiers amplify frequencies in the radio frequency range between 20 kHz and 300 GHz
  • Another is which quantity, voltage or current is being amplified; amplifiers can be divided into voltage amplifiers, current amplifiers, transconductance amplifiers, and transresistance amplifiers
  • A further distinction is whether the output is a linear or nonlinear representation of the input
  • Amplifiers can also be categorized by their physical placement in the signal chain

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