Albert Finney
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Albert Finney


: 09 May 1936


: Charlestown, Salford, UK


: Taurus


: 07 February 2019


: 82 years


  • He was a British actor


How tall was Albert Finney? 175 cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight 78 kg / 172 lbs
When was Albert Finney born? 09 May 1936
When did Albert Finney die? / Died 07 February 2019
How many years did Albert Finney live? / Lived 82 years
Where was Albert Finney born? Charlestown, Salford, UK
Nicknames: Albie
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Net worth 2019 (estimated)

How much does Albert Finney worth? $10,000,000

Nationality: British
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Blue

Who was Albert Finney? / Facts

  • He debuted in theatre, well known for William Shakespeare plays
  • After that, he switched to films
  • Rise to fame - in the early 1960s, his debut being The Entertainer, directed by Tony Richardson, who had directed him in theatre plays various times before
  • He became a leading Free Cinema figure, and has maintained a successful career in theatre, film and television
  • Roles - in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960), Tom Jones (1963), Scrooge (1970), Annie (1982), The Dresser (1983), Miller's Crossing (1990), Big Fish (2003), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007), The Bourne Legacy (2012), and the James Bond film Skyfall (2012)


  • I don't think that we necessarily lie. I mean, we make our living by pretending that we're someone else. I don't tell tall tales. I always tell the truth.

  • He tells you stories, but then, after a while, when you want more, he doesn't give you more. He insists on this old elaboration, the old stories that never changes.

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