What is Justin Bieber Vocal Range?

Bieber‘s vocal range is somewhere between A2 – C#5, or at least this is how ConcertHotels claim.

Justin Bieber is a tenor and has a studio vocal range between Bb2/C3 – C#5 – E5 according to StupidVCocalCritiques.

The range is definitely not very wide compared to all these great artists in the list, but its nasal and emotional, unique tone make Justin quite special. When singing low notes, his voice is very clear and he sings a lot in falsetto mode, too. He can easily go from chest voice to head voice.

When handling high notes, things become a little more difficult for the young musician. Unfortunately, he does not have a whole lot of power in his voice, and that can be easily noticed during his concerts.

He’s young and he still has a lot of time to work on his voice. All in all, he’s a very talented singer, and Usher did a great job to take him under his wing.

Have you seen him playing drums at 9 and even before that?


Photo source: Instagram

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