The “Despacito” Madness – 5 billion views on YouTube

Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is now the most viewed video on Youtube, and besides the 3.4 billion views that the official clip amassed as of August 2017, we can add the 510k views from Justin Bieber‘s mix. It was in fact Bieber that helped Despacito come to this unexpected worldwide success. Even Fonsi admits that it would have been “just another song” if Justin’s team had not contacted him for the collaboration.

But let’s not forget the Despacito-hysteria that lead to countless covers and parodies, and I think we can get close to 5 bln views 

#1. Despacito Kids Version

As the song was banned in Malaysia for having way too “sexy” lyrics, maybe this “clean” version, that is aimed to help children learning to count, will make it popular there 🙂

by WhatTheFun

#2. El Patito

Sesame Street’s cover featuring Ernie and Rubber Duckie 

#3. Despacito Rock Version

by Frog Leap Studios

#4. Despacito Pop-Punk Cover

#5. Despacito by Conor Maynard and Pixie Lott

#6. Despacito cover by J.Fla

#7. Despacito French Version (Sara’h Cover)

#8. Despacito Parody by oRni

#9. Despacito Cover by Maxi Espindola and Agustín Bernasconi 

#10. Despacito Romanian Version (Catalina Gheorghiu)

#11. Despacito Salsa Version (with Victor Manuelle)

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