My Name Is Robbie Williams And For The Next Few Minutes .. I Put You To The Test

I know you are sick and tired of “My name is Robbie F… KING Williams and for the next 2 hours your a** is mine”, and so am I 🙂 I’ve heard that line so many times, much more than you, trust me 🙂

That’s why I struggled to come with something new: My Name Is Robbie Williams And For The Next Few Minutes .. I Put You To The Test

Let’s begin, shall we?

When was I, Robert Peter Williams, born?
Correct! Wrong!

Where was I born?
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What band was I in?
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I was the tallest in the band. And the most talented, it seems, so many years after 🙂 How tall am I?
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Some say I'd be gay? Am I?

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How old was I when I joined that famous band? In fact, how young was I?
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Who is my mentor?
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I won the most BRIT Awards, coz' me awesome 🙂 OK, we already know that, but how many would that be?
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Guinness Book had the privilege to have me 🙂 How come?
Correct! Wrong!

When did I leave TT?
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What's my most viewed song on Youtube?
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Oh, come on...
I cannot even accept one single bad answer 🙂 I'm way too famous for that! Have a look at my profile on wikiFame and make that quizzy quizz again pls
I knew you Love Me 🙂
If you just want to see me fighting Gary Barlow, here's your chance 🙂

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I know you’re hungry for more RW, so here it is:

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