Meet “America’s Hottest Felon” (Video) – Jeremy Meeks


Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

The one we welcome tonight to the stage,
His starts … were really humble.
But one day, something happened
And since then, he’s sort of … “King of the jungle”.

He never even thought
He would be called from now on
Due to this police mugshot
“America’s Hottest Felon”.

Grand theft, possession of firearms,
It was like that for him once.
Back then – street gang activity,
Now – wealth, fame & serenity.

That mugshot, from Stockton Police,
In 2014 went viral.
Many agencies showed interested
And he became a model.

For most girls and women
It’s a damn HOT photo, we can bet.
But for our “Blue Eyed Bandit” its …
Full of “sadness and regret”.

He admits though, it raised him from the abyss,
And so he made us all a promise:
As he’s now out of prison,
To stick to a path of wisdom!

Please welcome to the stage …

“Jail Bae”, also known as …
“The Blue Eyed Bandit”,
“America’s Hottest Felon”,
Yes, it’s him,
The one And only…

Jeremy Meeks!

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