Is Ronaldo a selfish player?

If you can say about Ronaldo to be selfish because he scored 5 times in one match, I have nothing else to say. This is his role, he has a huge salary, the stress is huge, he must fight for goals.

That’s written in his contract 🙂

And now, the 5 goals. It’s up to you to decide if you see Ronaldo as being selfish

Of course he is selfish, he’s a striker. But he’s one of the most selfish players of all time. He’s very confident but has a huge ego. Maybe this makes him so good.

You can see his character from his interviews regarding Euro 2016 final:

He’s the 1st to deserve it:

“I am very confident and I believe that all these boys deserve it. I deserve it, Portugal deserves it, the fans deserve it – every single Portuguese person deserves it. They’ve been amazing supporters”.

It’s all about him, again and again

“I have broken many records before and I am still breaking records for club and country, but this all comes naturally and the crucial thing was to reach the final.”

Even though he says:

“When you think of Nani, Renato (Sanches) and (Ricardo) Quaresma who has also scored, we’re all a team. Portugal is not all about me.”

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