Cash Me Outside Girl Loves Illuminati or just P.R.?

Everyone’s account is hacked these days, no matter if you are named Angela Merkel or Danielle Bregoli 🙂 It seems that Danielle’s Instagram account was hacked at the beginning of March 2017, but… there is a but: Illuminati have important stuff to do, so there is no implication from their side in the Cash Me Ousside Girl matter, as many thought.

No Russian hackers either, even though her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages contained Russian characters after the evil social media mission 😉 Those Russians are way too busy hacking VIPs from US and Germany.

This “hacking” was just a smart move from the teenager for promoting a video she stars in. The rapper she promotes is named Mook Boy “Juvy” and the video was published the next day after the “hack”. Her social media accounts now link to that video, of course:

Good job, Danielle! Keep it Up!

Photo Source: youtube

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