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Takeo Spikes
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: 17 December 1976


: 40 years old


: Sagittarius


  • Takeo Gerard Spikes is a former American football linebacker who played in the National Football League
When was Takeo Spikes born?17 December 1976
How old is Takeo Spikes in 2017? 40 years
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius

 Takeo Spikes facts

  • He played college football for Auburn University
  • He was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals 13th overall in the 1998 NFL Draft
  • A two-time Pro Bowl selection and two-time All-Pro, Spikes also played for the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and San Diego Chargers
  • Spikes is one of only 7 linebackers to achieve more than 200 career starts with the NFL
  • Only once did Spikes record less than 70 tackles in a season
  • He has been team captain 13 out of his 15 seasons of play
  • Spikes has the distinction of playing in 219 regular season games without a playoff appearance, which is the most in NFL history
  • After retiring from the NFL, Spikes became a media personality
  • He is currently a football analyst on NBC Sports Network, and he co-hosts SiriusXM NFL programs

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