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Sandford Fleming
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Sandford Fleming Wiki
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07 January 1827
Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
Lived: 88 years
Died: 22 July 1915

 Sandford Fleming wiki   

  • British-Canadian inventor and engineer, best known for inventing the worldwide standard time

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Real name:Sir Sandford Fleming
When was Sandford Fleming born? / Birthday07 January 1827
When did Sandford Fleming die? / Died22 July 1915
How many years did Sandford Fleming live? / Lived88 years
Where was Sandford Fleming born? / BirthplaceKirkcaldy, United Kingdom
Where did Sandford Fleming die? / Deathplace Halifax, Canada
Zodiac sign:Capricorn

 Who is Sandford Fleming? (Facts)   

  • he was Born and raised in Scotland, but he emigrated to Canada at the age of 18
  • He proposed worldwide standard time zones and designed Canada's first postage stamp
  • He engineered much of the Intercolonial Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Was a founding member of the Royal Society of Canada and founder of the Royal Canadian Institute, a science organization in Toronto
  • After he missed a train in 1876 in Ireland because its printed schedule listed p.m. instead of a.m., he proposed a single 24-hour clock for the entire world, located at the centre of the Earth, not linked to any surface meridian
  • At a meeting of the Royal Canadian Institute, on February 8, 1879, he linked it to the anti-meridian of Greenwich (now 180°).
  • He promoted his system at international conferences, including the International Meridian Conference of 1884. That conference accepted a different version of Universal Time but refused to accept his zones. But, by 1929, all major countries in the world had accepted time zones
  • His idea was celebrated by Google on January 7, 2017, his 190 birthday

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