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Rosy McMichael
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Rosy McMichael
Youtuber, makeup artist


: 30 December 1985


: Texas, United States


: 31 years old


: Capricorn


  • Beauty Vlogger, in love with makeup
  • She has natural teaching skills, and helps others applying makeup for different occasions
When was Rosy McMichael born?30 December 1985
How old is Rosy McMichael in 2017? 31 years
Where was Rosy McMichael born?Texas, United States
Zodiac sign:Capricorn
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Green

 Who is Rosy McMichael? / Facts   

  • How it all began - her love for makeup begins at a very early age, while playing with her mother's makeup palettes
  • Further on - after graduating University, she went to LA to polish his makeup skills
  • Back to hometown - she returned in Texas, where she becoming quite fast one of the best makeup artists for brides 
  • Spanish - .She opted to offer her tutorials in Spanish as the audience is lower than for the ones in English
  • Awards - She was a semifinalist at the NYX Cosmetics' FACE Awards in 2012, and a finalist in 2015. She also won Jessica Simpson's "Price of beauty" grand prize. 
  • Certifications - M.A.C. PRO Master Makeup Artist
  • TV appearances - Televisa Noreste, TV Azteca (Mexico), VH1/MTV
  • Lots of fans - as of Nov 2016 she has more than 1.8 million subscribers and over 235 million channel views. More stats can be found at the lower side of this page

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  • Graduated University with a degree in finance and a certificate in teaching
  • She attended the Hollywood Cinema Makeup School.

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