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Liz Murray
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Liz Murray
Motivational speaker


: 23 September 1980


: The Bronx, New York City, New York, US


: 36 years old


: Libra


  • American inspirational speaker who became worldwide known for having been accepted by Harvard University despite being homeless in her high school years
Real name:Elizabeth Murray


How tall is Liz Murray?180 cm / 5 ft 11 in
When was Liz Murray born?23 September 1980
How old is Liz Murray in 2017? 36 years
Where was Liz Murray born?The Bronx, New York City, New York, US
Zodiac sign:Libra
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Blue

 Who is Liz Murray? / Facts   

  • Author - She wrote the International Bestseller Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard. Also Celtic Tree Oracle Set (Cto25)

  • Tough childhood - As her parents were infected with HIV and heroin-addicted, so she was forced to work since the age of 9 (bagging groceries and pumping gas). Her mom died when she was only 15 and many years after that she lived on the streets

  • Family - She has a son named Liam, and a Daughter, Maya

  • Time for Liz to get lucky - She attended Harvard due to a New York Times scholarship for needy students

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  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University

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