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L.L. Bean

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Founding date

: 1912

Founding place

: Freeport, Maine, US


: 105 years ago


  • Outdoor gear and apparel for the whole family
  • The company's name comes from its founder, Leon Leonwood Bean
Founders:Leon Leonwood Bean
How old is L.L. Bean in 2017? 105 years
Where was L.L. Bean founded?Freeport, Maine, US

 Who is L.L. Bean? / Facts   

  • First product - At first they sold just one product - the Maine Hunting Shoe
  • Client-oriented - their main focus is the happy customer, by making innovative products
  • Campus of stores - they don't have just a store, but a campus of stores in Freeport, Maine (220,000 sq. ft.), open 24 hours a day and visited by over 3 million visitors each year 
  • Life outdoors - They support it by offering classic, long-lasting, high-functioning pieces 
  • Money back guarantee - L.L. always said that a sale is complete only when goods are worn out and the customer is satisfied, so, if customers are not happy, product can be returned

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  • "Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings, and they will always come back for more." - Leon Leonwood Bean (its founder)
  • Since 1912, we've beleived in the adventure of a life lived outdoors, the promise of a fair deal, and the guarantee that everything we make is designed to last

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