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James Dyson
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James Dyson Wiki
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02 May 1947
Cromer, UK
69 years old

 James Dyson wiki   

  •  British inventor, industrial designer and entrepreneur - he founded the Dyson company

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When was James Dyson born? / Birthday02 May 1947

James Dyson age

How old is James Dyson in 2017? 69 years
Where was James Dyson born? / BirthplaceCromer, UK
Residence:Dodington Park, Gloucs, Chelsea SW3 & Domaine des Rabelles, Provence
Zodiac sign:Taurus

James Dyson net worth

How much does James Dyson worth?$4,700,000,000

Hair color:Grey
Eyes color:Blue

 Who is James Dyson? (Facts)   

  • People know him for his invention - the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. Teh cyclonic separation is the principle that makes his products so special, removing particulates from air, gas or liquid stream without using filters, but vortex separation. After 5 years of tryings and different prototypes, he launched in 1983 the cleaner called G-Force
  • Athlete - When he was in school, he was very good at long distance running, saying that he had more determinatiom than others and not a better physique
  • Other inventions - Besides his well known Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, he also designed the Sea Truck, the Ballbarrow, the Dyson Airblade hand dryer, "Air Multiplier" (a fan without external blades)
  • Conspiracy - He could not sell his vacuum cleaner in the UK, as the replacement dust bags market would have been affected. That's why he chose to launch his product in Japan, where he won the International Design Fair Prize in 1991
  • Patent - He got his first US patent in 1986
  • Dyson Ltd. was set up in June 1993, as he could not sell his invention to the important manufacturers. He also opened a research centre and a factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire
  • James Dyson Foundation was created in 2002 for supporting design and engineering education, operating in UK, US and Japan
  • Awards - He won lots of prizes -  The Prince Philip Designers Prize, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Award, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng), Order of Merit (OM) for "contributions and achievements in industrial design"

 James Dyson education   

  • Gresham's School, Norfolk
  • Byam Shaw School of Art
  • Royal College of Art - furniture and interior design

 James Dyson quotes

  • Like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement

  •  I was quite good at it [running], not because I was physically good, but because I had more determination. I learnt determination from it

  • Engineers are behind the cars we drive, the pills we pop and the way we power our homes.

  • There's nothing wrong with things taking time

  • In the digital age of 'overnight' success stories such as Facebook, the hard slog is easily overlooked. 

  • Everyone has ideas. They may be too busy or lack the confidence or technical ability to carry them out. But I want to carry them out. It is a matter of getting up and doing it. 

  • If robots are to clean our homes, they'll have to do it better than a person. 

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