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Jake T. Austin
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: 03 December 1994


: New York City, New York, United States


: 22 years old


: Sagittarius


  • American actor
Real name:Jake Austin Szymanski


How tall is Jake T. Austin?173 cm / 5 ft 9 in
When was Jake T. Austin born?03 December 1994
How old is Jake T. Austin in 2017? 22 years
Where was Jake T. Austin born?New York City, New York, United States
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius

Net worth

How much does Jake T. Austin worth?$245,000,000

Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

 Who is Jake T. Austin? / Facts   

  • Beginning a career as a child actor at the age of seven, Austin is a five-time Young Artist Award nominee, best known for his role as Max Russo on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, and as the voice of Diego on the Nickelodeon animated series Go, Diego, Go!
  • Austin was also the original actor to portray Jesus Foster on the ABC Family family/teen drama series The Fosters

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  • I'm pretty versatile. I'm able to adapt to an environment and the way I view things based on who I'm with.

  • I've never been innocent, but I don't think I'm a bad kid! I didn't get voted prom king. I was kind of the dancer, the performer, but I was always very athletic, too.

  • I think everyone sings in the shower.

  • I was born and raised in New York, so I was blessed - or some say cursed - with a strong New York accent.

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