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Filthy Frank
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Filthy Frank


: 18 September 1992


: Brooklyn, New York


: 24 years old


: Virgo


  • He's a Youtuber
Real name:George Miller
When was Filthy Frank born?18 September 1992
How old is Filthy Frank in 2017? 24 years
Where was Filthy Frank born?Brooklyn, New York
Zodiac sign:Virgo
Nationality:Japanese, Australian

 Who is Filthy Frank? / Facts   

  • We loved his description on Facebook: "My love for stirring the pot is greater than my loyalty to you". But the Youtube description is even funnier, ending like this: "MAYBE IM JUST FUCKING RETARDED".
  • He reacts excessively to everything for showing us how stupid is racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice or ignorance
  • He made a lot of characters for his videos: Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Lemon Guy, Safari Man

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