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Fabio Wibmer
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Fabio Wibmer


: 30 June 1995


: Austria


: 21 years old


: Cancer


  • Austrian Youtuber and MTB Pro Rider that uploads Street Trial
When was Fabio Wibmer born?30 June 1995
How old is Fabio Wibmer in 2017? 21 years
Where was Fabio Wibmer born?Austria
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Hair color:Blonde
Eyes color:Blue

 Who is Fabio Wibmer? / Facts   

  • He captures his favorite shots with a cam and uploads them 
  • Besides biking, he enjoys ice hockey with his friends, Imagine Dragons as favorite band, pasta as food
  • His favorite biking place is Innsbruck
  • Just take a look at this completely awesome and crazy video in the same time. My hands just started sweating only when wathcing the clip. Oh my God 


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