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Dalas Review
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Dalas Review


: 31 October 1993


: Santa Cruz, Spain


: 23 years old


: Scorpio


  • Spanish Youtuber, actor, writer and designer who uploads videos game-related and observational vlogs about Humor, Atheism, Skepticism, Science and Debate
Real name:Daniel Azahar Blanco / Daniel José Santomé Lemus
When was Dalas Review born?31 October 1993
How old is Dalas Review in 2017? 23 years
Where was Dalas Review born?Santa Cruz, Spain
Residence:Barcelona, Spain
Zodiac sign:Scorpio
Hair color:Light brown
Eyes color:Brown

 Who is Dalas Review? / Facts   

  • His Youtube channel has over 3.6 million subscribers and 600 million views as of Dec 2016 
  • He started his actual channel, called DalasReview in June 2012. Before that, he had Dalas Studios channel, where he uploaded short videos with his friends. DTeamVlogs was another channel of his
  • His sister, Ariann, is an Youtube celebrity, too

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