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Colby Melvin
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Colby Melvin


: 21 March 1988


: Lafayette, Los Angeles, US


: 29 years old


: Aries


  • Southern gentleman, underwear model and activist

When was Colby Melvin born?21 March 1988
How old is Colby Melvin in 2017? 29 years
Where was Colby Melvin born?Lafayette, Los Angeles, US
Zodiac sign:Aries
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Blue / Green

 Who is Colby Melvin? / Facts   

  • First of all, he is a gentleman, and she has to thank his mother for it
  • Activist - A gentleman like him couldn't have been but the most vocal activist fighting for marriage equality, supporting the LGBT community
  • Before fame, he used to work in the oil business in his home town
  • Known for his underwear Andrew Christian photos. He loved so much fashion design that he made his own brand called Petting Zoo. His video Wrong Direction's "Disclosure", a parody of a song from One Direction went viral on Youtube
  • Model - He was named the 2012 international men's underwear model of the year 2012

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